Necessary and sufficient condition for consensus of continuous-time multi-agent hybrid systems


主講人:鄧飛其 華南理工大學教授




主講人介紹:1997年6月獲得華南理工大學控制理論與控制工程專業博士學位。自1999年10月起,擔任華南理工大學教授和系統工程學院院長。目前是中國自動化學會控制理論專業委員會(TCCT)委員,同時也是IEEE  CSS廣州分會的主席。《華南理工大學學報》的副主編,《IEEE  Access》AE、《控制理論與應用》、《系統與控制縱橫》、《系統工程與電子技術》與《系統工程學報》等期刊編委會成員。主要研究方向包括時滯系統、非線性系統和隨機系統的穩定性、鎮定與魯棒控制理論。目前,已經在《IEEE  Transactions on Automatic Control》、《Automatica》、《SIAM Journal of Control and  Optimization》與《Systems & Control Letters》等期刊發表論文300多篇。

內容介紹:This talk investigates the mean square consensus problem for continuous-time  multi-agent systems with randomly switching topologies and noises. The switching  is governed by a time-homogeneous Markov process, each topology corresponds to a  state of the process. Meanwhile, the communication noises are also considered  for practical application. We introduce a time-varying gain which can reduce the  effect of communication noises. It is shown that the effect of Markovian  switching topologies mainly depend on the union of topologies associated with  the positive recurrent states of Markov process. Then necessary and sufficient  conditions can be obtained under a control protocol with time-varying gain.  Moreover, we extend our result to the cases that the elements of transition  rates matrix are partly unknown and the topological structure is semi-Markovian  switching. Finally, we give an example to illustrate the validity of our  results.